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The show


The character of the vampire, one of the romantics character by definition is, in this case, an eternal lover searching for love.


Nosferatu had several romances, but none of them resisted the passage of time (mainly because his lovers died very easy) even though, he does not despair and keeps searching for the person that will fill the emptiness left by his first love.

Tonight he has a date and prepares all so no detail can spoil the possibility of finding the love of his life (or his death); the music, the decoration, the wine, the candles, the perfect environment for the perfect date. But something unexpected spoils his plans, the villagers come to his door to stop the death of women in the area.

José Saramago said that our unique defense against death is love, in this sense searching for love for Nosferatu is literally the unique way for him to feel alive.

One after another, the vampire will be solving the problems that he faces. The hope of finding love again makes him forget that he will never overcome his biggest problem: himself.

The play

Beginning with the character of Nosferatu, from the cinema and transform in clown style in a romantic monster with no much luck, we will go into the world of love, hope, loneliness, illusion and, most of all, failure.

In this show we will explore the necessity for people to love and feel loved as a principal force in life, it doesn’t matter so much to love a person but more simply the fact of love.

This solo show was created by Pablo Gomis and directed by Antón Valén to rediscover the myth again.




Technical requierements

Title of the show: “Nosferatu in love”
Company: Les Bouffons
Show length: 60 minutes
Distribution: Proversus
(Tel. (+34) 606 608 168 /
Tour manager: Pablo Gomis
(Tel. (+34) 678 495 295 /
Light technician: Pablo Bermejo
(Tel. (+34) 687 416 507 /


6m (width) x 5m (depth)x 5m (height)


To be supplied by the theatre

- Black box: 1 black backdrop mid opened- or leg curtains wide enough to close the sides of the projection screen back/centre stage. 4x side leg curtains
- Access to audience from the stage (stairs or ramp)


To be supplied by the theatre

- 10 Fresnel 1000w - 14 PC 1000w - 4 Profiles 25/50o 1000w
- 1 Par can CP62 (no5)
- 2 panoramas 1000w
- 28 channels dimmer, DMX controlled.
- Lighting desk


To be supplied by the theatre

- 1 stereo set - speakers suitable for space size
- 2 monitors, post fader, on stage
- 1 microphone in the control room to use during the live performance
- Audio desk - Connection from tech booth to video+ audio from a laptop.

Equipment provided by the company:

- Laptop with videos for projection and audio.
- Video projector + screen


- 1 Dressing Room for actor with mirror, sink, towel, close access to toilet, 3xchairs.


- Stage should be clear of any element
- Cleaning stage is performed 1 hour before the show


- 1 performer / 1 light technician / 1 stage manager


Provided by the theatre



Setup and Teardown


Loading / unloading






Lighting and sound




Loading and unloading: 30 min / Setup: 5 h. / Teardown: 1 h.


Genre: Visual comedy/Clown

Public: Over 6 years old

Language: No text

Duration: 60 minutes


Director: Anton Valén

Creation and acting: Pablo Gomis

Scenography: Cristian Weidmann

Costume: Elisabeth Leia

Technic: Pablo Bermejo

Stage manager: Carmen Agud

Cartel desing: Ernesto Gomis

Photography: Pablo Bermejo, Joaquín Clares, Pedro Antonio Albaladejo

Models: Ana Belen Baeza, Carmen Agud, Martuka Lp, Virginia Moreno, Amparo Carrasco, Cristina Ayuso, Berta Garrido.

Video: Ciudad de la Sombra Audiovisuales.

Production: Les Bouffons

Distribution: Proversus

Comedy Sparrings: Patricio Alvarado, Pablo Bermejo, Iris Pascual, Susana Alcantud, Nico Andreó, Beatriz Maciá, Javier Mateo

Web desing: Hector Gomis


Pablo Gomis

Combine works with the companies Spymonkey and Les Bouffons with his activity as a clown in the show Alegría from Cirque du Soleil from 2007 to 2009, and again as a buffoon in 2010, has been part of more than 1500 show in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

In 2001 creates his own company, Les Bouffons and also works as an actor with another companies like Cía Ferroviaria, Alquibla teatro and Teatres de la Generalitat among others.

Pablo has B/A degree in dramatic art by the ESAD of Murcia and a masters in scenic arts by the university of Murcia. Also studied specializing in physical theatre and creation with Antón valén, Norman Taylor, Philippe Gaulier, Antonio Fava, Jorge Picó, Chris Baldwin, Complicité, Spymonkey, Titzina teatro, Angela de Castro y Odin Teatret among others.


Antón Valén

Studied with jacques lecoq, norman taylor, Antonio Fava, philippe Gaulier, Pierre Byland, Angela de Castro, Colombaioni, Leo Bassi, michel Dallaire, t. Complicité among others.

In 1993 he began his work as a teacher of gestural performance and clown in the high school of dramatic art of Murcia until 2002. Directed several companies of clown, street theatre and Commedia Dell´Arte. Chosen by Slava polunin to work as a clown with Cirque du Soleil where he toured for five years (2002/2007) Created and directed the clown routines for the show Alegría.

Now continues his work for cirque in special events. In and out of Spain teaches workshops of clown, buffoon and actor technique. Created with Ivan Prado the “International School of Comedy” in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.


The company

Les bouffons was create by Susana Alcantud, Pablo Bermejo, David García, Pablo Gomis and Manuel Hernandez in April 2001 sharing a common interest in comedy and devised theatre, in the dramatic expression as well as in the pedagogy.

Through five years of touring Spain got a great response in numerous national festivals like Fetén, Viladecans, Fira de teatre de barcelona, Festival de teatro medieval de Elche, Festival Mim de Sueca,etc, etc.

Its productions include:
- Minuta Pecata; 2001
- Nemo; 2003
- I love Canberra; 2004
- El corazón de las maravillas; 2005


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Pablo Gomis López
Phone: (+34) 678495295
skype: pablo.gomis


Address: C/ Mirto 3 1o (C.P. 28029) Madrid
Office phone: (+34) 91 506 43 44
Movile phone: (+34) 606 608 168